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Kathy & Mike

Starting Day With Morning Walks

I love going for morning walks down our mountain road and around the property

Each day different elements of the mountain community capture my attention. I start with a great view of the gardens with various plants blooming throughout the different seasons. We have pastures surrounding us with cows, donkeys, goats, horses, llamas, and wild turkeys; recently we had a guinea hen hanging out in the back garden. I have been blessed to watch deer leap over fences to dash up the mountainside—-and wow can they jump, come across dozens of turkeys scattering to hide, watch groundhogs scamper to their hiding place, and a variety of other fun sights–including possums crossing the road.

A creek runs along the side of our home, thus the name Creekside Inn a Bed & Breakfast, and it is so peaceful to sit outside on the deck and listen to the calming sound it lends. It is an adventure to hike along the creek–we even have a cool picnic table built over the creek. It is on my project list to get cleaned up. How fun to have a leisurely picnic, with a creek running under your feet while surrounded by nature. The creek also pops out in various places along the road and offers some wonderful nature moments.

Another feature I love as I venture around our mountain community is the variety of barns and the differences in their appearances. I admit I like some of the run-down ones best; they seem to have some character, almost a story waiting to be told about their history. One of my favorite barns is pictured above and I am blessed to go past it daily. I grew up in Wisconsin so I saw plenty of dairy barns, there is just something different about the varieties in the area that makes me smile as go past them.

We have trails that go through our property that are shared by the community and are such a peaceful, relaxing walk. As I walk them I come out on a road above us and am often greeted by some goats and llamas watching each step I take as I pass by. There is a wonderful pond with a dock surrounded by many wildflowers in the summer that seems surreal as I walk past it.

Walks in our community are a marvelous way to kick off the day; be refreshed at the end of the day as you unwind. Gotta admit, I truly love exploring the area.