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Bed & Breakfast 101

Why choose to stay at a Bed & Breakfast over a hotel, and how is a B&B different than Airbnb?

We know that many people today probably do not know why staying at a bed and breakfast is something to consider. Many in the younger generations may not have heard the term before the extremely popular app appeared called Airbnb. I thought I would note a few things that set bed & breakfasts apart.

First, as the name implies, the transaction involves both bed and breakfast. This seems simple, but with the world utilizing the Airbnb app, it dilutes at least half of it. I’ve heard stories that some listings are to rent a couch for a night, but we won’t go there. Airbnb, for the most part, is a method to rent a bedroom in someone’s home. You get a bedroom, maybe you share a bathroom, maybe there is a window overlooking the street, who knows. When you are on a budget and are truly only looking for a place to lay your head for a night, this can be quite economical. It can also be a little weird. In many cases, you stay in another person’s home, in a room adjacent to theirs, and share a bathroom. In this model, you indeed get a bed. There are typically no-frills beyond this. Breakfast at best will be a granola bar, and a bottle of water included free with your stay.

I think most people already have an understanding of what you get with a standard hotel stay. You get a private room with a bathroom and a few niceties such as a TV and control over your room’s temperature. In many cases, your stay may include a continental or hot breakfast as part of the deal. You might get some OJ, a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, or some reconstituted eggs under a heat lamp. It can be adequate, but definitely not something you’d write home about.

This brings us to a traditional bed and breakfast model. A bed and breakfast is about the experience. A traditional B&B will have a private room and bath in an area that is typically picturesque and in a home that has both history and character. The caretakers of the B&B will provide people that stay with them with above-average hospitality and care throughout their stay. It is typical to have the opportunity to celebrate an event like a birthday or anniversary and have extra special attention paid to your party because of this. You can even typically book special events with the B&B ahead of time to help you celebrate in style. It is also typical to have free access to the public areas of the home during your stay, and you get a comfortable “at home” feeling. Now let’s talk about food. It is quite common at a B&B to have some sort of snack & drink available for you when you check-in. This is typically something freshly made, by hand, by the innkeepers. This is always a nice thing to experience hot chocolate chip cookies and fresh iced tea while checking in. In the morning, you can expect a homemade meal that will be nothing like the humdrum hotel food. Fresh fruits, gourmet coffee, hearty meal, and typically sweets await all appetites. Many places can also handle special dietary needs if given notice ahead of time.

Many times, when we have stayed at a bed and breakfast, we are slow to leave because we want to keep the experience going as long as possible. I can’t remember ever leaving a hotel that way. It is the goal of the innkeeper to make your stay more enjoyable than you thought possible. It is our hope you will consider giving a traditional bed & breakfast a try.

We hope to see you soon.