The Amazing Journey to Our Forever Home

About Us

Mike & Kathy have been married for 29 years and have five wonderful children. The desire to be Bed & Breakfast owners began about 20 years ago. This needed to be put on pause because their children were just too young. The dream was shelved until 2018. While exploring other possible business ventures, the B&B bug hit again, and they started down the path of viewing potential properties. They wanted to have a place in the mountains of North Carolina that looked and felt like a log cabin. They would work to make a comfortable place where the rooms were warm and the food hearty and filling. Having people who stay with them be so comfortable as to fall asleep in the living room is high praise for them since this reflects on the visitor’s comfort and relaxation.

Kathy has many talents related to hospitality, but one major strength is in the kitchen. She is a wonderful cook and a pretty talented baker. She is very comfortable being behind the scenes, staging and prepping, multiple different courses of a meal and a couple desserts. Her ability to combine foods and entice flavors out of them is phenomenal. She excels in hosting a couple or several dozen people, making their experience all they had anticipated.

Mike is an engineer and spends much of his time in the house and on the grounds fixing and restoring whatever needs attention. He is comfortable in social settings but will favor the quiet of the den when allowed. He has traveled the world for work and enjoys conversing with almost everyone about a wide range of topics.

Kathy and Mike are excited to launch their new business. It is their hope that they can make lasting friendships and bring some calm and peace into the lives of others they meet.