A Glimpse of School at Home
Kathy & Mike

Kathy & Mike

A Glimpse of School at Home

A Glimpse of School at HomeSchool is currently being done at home, which means I have become a teacher as well as mom and need to get creative in activities for our son. We have had some Home Ec classes–making bread and a German Chocolate Cake; Shop classes–painting outdoor decorative things, helping with a roof and my favorite–PE.

We have explored local rivers and creeks– traversing the rocks is one of his favorite things–with occasional slipping into the cold water.

My favorite PE activity is ‘hiking,’ so the little guy has been getting in some cardio. A couple of weeks ago, we ventured to Max Patch. It was amazing to be on top of the mountain and have a 360 view. There were campers, picnics, and hikers spread around. Last week we ventured Waterrock Knob Trail. There were so many rocks for him to climb up along the way. In this picture, he is enjoying the view from the top of the trail.

I am looking forward to exploring the many parks, trails, and waterfalls in our area–all kinds of adventures await.

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